The international online workshop of project partners

The international online workshop with project partners (record). Comparison of the research, presentation of the research findings, preparation of the planed monograph and other scientific outputs. Discussion with appropriate stakeholders and other experts.

May 21, 2021


9:00 Welcome speech, brief information about the results of the project. dean Renata Klufová

Part 1

Section A: History and present-day of the population development in V4 countries

9:20 Skibiński, A. (Poland): Demographic ageing , presentation

9:50 Poláková, Z. and her team (Slovakia): Population development in V4 countries, presentation

10:30 Dvořáková Líšková, Z. (Czech Republic): Structure, institutions involved and their activities and adopted policies, presentation

11:00 – 12:00 Lunch, coffee-break

Part 1

Section B, C: A population projection 2020 – 2050, questionnaire survey

12:00 Kiss, M. and her team (Hungary): Population projection of V4 countries, presentation

12:30 Klufová, R., Klicnarová, J. (Czech Republic): First outcomes of the questionnaire survey, presentation

Part 2

Section A: Economic and Social Consequences of Population Ageing

13:00 Káčerová, M. (Slovakia): Economic and social Consequences of Population Aging, presentation

13:30 Discussion

14:00 Resulting assessment, proposals of further cooperation

The common monograph "Are countries of the Visegrad Group (V4) ready for the consequences of population aging?"

Monograph CZ Monograph HU Monograph PL

(English version of monograph is in printed version)

The monograph was created jointly with the involvement of all partners, where after mutual electronic communication (e-mail, Skype) they agreed on the common content and procedure for the processing of individual units.This monograph is intended for a wider audience, but primarily for academics and students of social sciences. Its aim is to contribute to the necessary debate on population ageing.

The aim of the monograph, which is divided into 7 chapters, is to evaluate the current situation and the causes of demographic ageing of the V4 countries in the broader context of their historical development.

The monograph also includes a questionnaire survey, which was implemented and initiated by the Faculty of Economics of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. The aim of the survey was to find out the opinions of people who deal with issues related to demographic ageing in their daily practice (officials at various levels of state and local government, social workers, health professionals, academics and others). These views on the preparedness of the V4 countries for the consequences of the ageing of their populations have been compared in Chapter 6 of the present monograph.

The methodical recommendations

The methodological recommendation is based on:

(a) joint communication with partners,

b) the results of the analyses presented in the joint workshop,

c) the questionnaire survey carried out in all 4 countries.

We have grouped the recommendations into 8 areas based on the above joint discussions:


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